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My IP Hide is intended to preserve your privacy and give you access to geo-restricted sites by concealing your real IP address from third parties. The tool has a straightforward interface, which is quite similar to those of other VPN tools. First, you need to authenticate yourself to access the services. Then, choose the desired server and start a connection.

A VPN (virtual private network) is a type of encrypted connection established between two users. Some companies offer VPN services that allow you to browse the Internet from their servers, which are typically located in different geographical locations. This way, the endpoint server cannot record your real IP address but that of the VPN server instead. So, if you connect through a VPN server in the United Kingdom, for example, third parties will think you are connecting from that country instead of from your actual location.

VPN programs, such as this one, are generally very light tools that run in the background to provide an encrypted connection to the whole system. However, their real value comes from the services offered. In this respect, there are various aspects to consider, mostly connection speed, number of servers, geographical location and the strength of their encryption algorithms. In addition, the convenience of using one or another is also related to their prices.

My IP Hide offers quite fast connections, as it poses no restrictions on your surfing speed. Besides, it has 77 servers in 24 different countries. Unfortunately, other similar services have far more servers. What is more, most of My IP Hide servers are located on developed countries, so various geographical areas, such as Africa and South America are barely represented. Luckily, their encryption algorithms are just as secure as those used by the competition.

All in all, My IP Hide has quite the same features of other similar services. However, the main advantage of using My IP Hide services may be the possibility of automatically switching IP address at the desired time interval, which may prove extremely useful to avoid VPN IP banning by your ISP. The service can be purchased in three different plans. Yet, you can try it for three days at no cost. An additional benefit is that the same account can be used on different devices.

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  • Very fast connections
  • Strong encryption algorithms
  • Automatic IP switching


  • Not so many servers
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